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    Video Surveillance/ Roving Patrol
    Unarmed Security
    Off Duty Police Officers
    Private Investigators

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    More Details Video Surveillance: you can request video cameras to be installed on your property and have our personnel monitor the cameras either 24/7 or only for specific time frames. For example: there could be a higher need during the hours of 3pm to 11pm instead of all day everyday. You can also add an armed guard to your site for extra security. This is referred to as “Roving Patrol”.
    Unarmed Security: this service acts as a cost-effective detterent for you. Our personnel are alert whether conducting foot or vehicle patrols of your event or property. In conjunction with Guard-Tek, you can recieve their reports daily in your email by 8AM. There is also a GPS patrol tracking feature!
    Armed/SPO Security: This is an excellent option when you’d like your officer to have a bit more authority in handling sticky situations. Our Special Police Officers in D.C are able to use force when needed and have worked with local authorities in a variety of incidents. However their special talent is verbal-judo and being able to deescalate situations.
    Off Duty Police Officers: This service includes active and prior police officers. This option is best for higher profile events, large properties, or if you just like the idea of their police training and experience!
    Private Investigators: There are times when you may need to gather information. Our private investigators are active or prior police therefore you can expect high quality investigation tactics.